Thursday, July 28, 2005

The First Proposal

Dear Friends of the OTM Dems

John has humored me with the opportunity to float an idea before the mass of you - the body of the OTM Dems –

I propose that we meet regularly

I propose we have a format that is both entertaining and enlightening

I propose that the program help identify our issues and unite us in our fight

I propose that our programs build warmth and fellowship

I here request musician recruits – if you are a garage, a basement or a bathroom musician (heck we'll take professionals too!) and would like to join the orchestra – our mission will be to provide background and entertainment as a segment of each meeting - - and you will get to help compose John and Barry’s duet for very program.

Please contact me – Bruce Downs at or 205-879-8080 ext 100 to get on board with the Orchestra and rehearsals.

Visit the blog – established for the purpose of identifying and solidifying OTMDems issues – if you have an issue that you want to see in the debate format – or if you have an issue that you feel is an important part of our platform – we want to hear from you.

The Blog is designed to carry on the debate beyond the program - so carry on the debate!

The address for this experiment in Cyberspace is

I implore you to help us identify and articulate the issues that unite us as Democrats. I would love to replace that label with something else – humanist, liberal, compassionate, intellectual – but they are all just labels –

In the end we are not so much what we are called as what we think and do-

So take the handout and help us achieve these objectives – for our community, our country and our world –

Thank you

OTM Dem Treasurer
And self appointed Chaplain and Orchestral and Blog Organizer


Blogger OTM Blog said...

Proposal to the Issues and Programs Committee
1. That each meeting should have a "program" like a show

John of course will be the MC

Musical performance by the OTM Dems Orchestra (a group of barely talented volunteer musicians)

In addition, a debate segment hosted by Barry Ragsdale - debater extraordinaire-

2. This is a draw and will make meetings more lively and entertaining - thereby drawing more attention, Democrats - etc.

The debate portion can help us solidify a message as to "Why are we here?"

3. Everyone in the thing is a volunteer - so only Keith's out of pocket cost for sound and perhaps a required employee - if we take the show on the road - we may want to invest in our own PA.

4. My commitment will be total on this. I'll work with Keith to get the sound and the talent together- I'll work with Elaheh to make the set up agreeable to a stage show - I'll work with Barry regarding the format for the debate and the topics and the logistics (i.e. who gets to speak and for how long) - I'll work with the blogmaster (Ed) to get the blog up and running. In addition, of course there will be total communication to JC so that he can retain control of content - John also.

5-Detailed description:

5-1 "Welcome to the OTM Dems July Social" - John " help me welcome the OTM Dems Orchestra - breaks in to Sweet Home Alabama - with dummy words for " Sweet OTM Democrats - where we love the truth" What is truth - what is Truth! Sweet OTM Dems lord we're all Red White and Blue!"
5-2 Elaheh has snacks - Keith has drinks available - everyone begins to laugh and have a good time!
5-3 Cut to John - welcome to our new meeting format - and then John lays out the format - passes on any relevant news to the OTM's like time and date of next meeting etc.
5-4 Cut to orchestra for filler while Barry gets ready
5-5 Cut to Barry - debate format - subject - "Should we support or oppose the War in Iraq" - there is a lead speaker for each side - Barry moderates at the end there is a segment where members can line up to speak their piece (peace?)
5-6John and Barry stand together on stage and sing duet with Orchestra - or not! - John and Barry talk about how debated issues are not intended to polarize the group - but create discussion and understanding and remind everyone that a tenet of our party is open mindedness -

Note also that this subject is a link on our blog where comments can be posted and updated. Time to suggest the members join us next month when we debate the question - "What are the Planks of Our Platform!"

5-7 " Cut to the Orchestra - singing the closing theme for the Dem's "We Shall Overcome"

6- Well - if you can pull this off it will be fun and I believe it will Snowball-

7- what committee could this type of program not involve? - I've mentioned Issues, Social, Technology - and I assure you membership and treasury should have obvious presences at this event - hell, I even think this is a community service!

8- once we put this baby on the road we can take it to other venues that these other organizations can sponsor. We are probably going to outgrow the Moonlight and we can win wide community support.

Note also that since everyone on Issues and exec is getting this email – I would like to get a vote via email on whether we can do this thing for this meeting. 7-28-05.

I think it would be easy – fun and good and as I have indicated – I am glad to be the lead expediter between those involved – Barry – Keith – Elaheh and John –

What d’ya say?

8:07 AM  
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